Slocum Family History

Thirteen13 Generations in America

1630 - 2006

Origin -- the name comes from an area in southwestern England called Combe now in Somerset. Combe was covered by a luxurious growth of sloe (wild plum) trees. So Slocum means from the place of the sloes. There is actually a wider range of spelling in America than in England with Slocum being the most consistent.

Coat of Arms -- There is a Coat of Arms registered for "Slocombe of Somersetshire" some time before 1573. Although Anthony1 (see below) was said to be "of nobility" it is unknown who registered this Coat of Arms.

Family History -- To put all of this in a historical prospective the Mayflower landed at Plymouth on December 26, 1620. Galileo was threatened by the Inquisition with torture for claiming that the Earth revolved around the sun in 1633 and, about the same time, the first Slocums arrived in America.

The first known Slocum in America is Anthony1 Slocum. Anthony1 was born in England in January, 1590-91. He landed in Boston between 1630 and 1637 with his wife and sons; Giles2, Edward2, Joseph2 and John2. In America he was recorded in Taunton, New Plymouth which is now in Massachusetts from 1637 to 1662. He then moved to the wilderness of the what is now Dartmouth by the Pascomanset river. He then made his way to North Carolina where he died in January 1689-90 at an age of 98 or 99 years old.

To move forward Giles2had Eleazer3 who had Ebenezer4 who had Abraham5 who had Ebenezer6 who had Elijah7 who had Burton8.

Burton8Slocum was born in January 1819 in Ogden Township Monreoe County New York. In 1848 he married Ann Bromley. He had one son John9 Bromley Slocum, two daughters Mary and Sara, and adopted Oscar Allen Walker. Burton8, a Civil War Veteran, settled in Buffalo New York and died on May 5, 1888.

John9Bromley Slocum was born August 18, 1851 in Buffalo New York where he resided through 1907. He married Ida Jeannette Robertson on May 12, 1874. John9was the manager of Postal Telegraph Co. and an expert operator. His children were Burton10 Oscar Slocum, John10 Bromley Slocum (also a telegraph operator), Ida Mahala Beam, and Clara Emma McCleary. All born in Buffalo.

Burton10 Oscar Slocum was born February 21, 1875. He married Mary Louise Adair on June 25, 1902. In 1907 he was a broker in Buffalo. Burton10 had Richard Adair11 Slocum who was born in Boston on May 27, 1904 and died on June 2, 1904 (This is contradicted by Richard11 Mackey's birth certificate. It reads one previous child still living.) and Edith Virginia Slocum. He also had Richard11 (Dick) Mackey Slocum. Richard11 was born in Buffalo New York on April 6, 1907. Burton10 was 32 and Mary was 25 at the time of birth.

Richard11 graduated from Purdue as a mechanical engineer. He worked in his early life as a pilot. Later he worked and retired as civil engineer. Richard11 was honorably discharged from the National Guard as a cavalry private on September 21, 1933.

Richard11 married Grace Wilcox Grabau on June 27, 1934. They honeymooned in Atlantic City and lived in Kenmore New York. They had Sonia Adel Slocum Gottesman (born March 7, 1938) and Robert12 (Bob) Grabau Slocum (born December 29, 1940). Grace died of rheumatic heart about a month after the birth of Robert12.

Richard11 married Catharine (Cass) Cora Pye (born February 5, 1921) in a civil ceremony on May 15, 1944 in Yuma Arizona. They lived in Los Angeles California at the time. They had Chalice Louise Slocum Dupire (born May 14, 1945) and Roger12 Neal Slocum (born December 28, 1961. Catharine raised all four children as her own. Catharine died of acute leukemia/bilateral iliac artery occlusion on February 11, 1988 at age 67. Richard11 died in his Mt. Vernon Indiana home on December 16, 1994 at age 87. The listed cause of death was sudden cardiac death but this was not confirmed.

Robert12 married LaVon Kakeuwa on December 29, 1960 and had Debra Catharine Slocum on April 15, 1962. They Divorced in 1963. Robert12 met Anita Newton in 1973, and married in 1999. They lived in Mesa, Arizona when he died of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on January 5, 2007

Roger12 married Bobbi Jean Winkleman (born September 15, 1965) on May 25, 1985. Both Bobbi and Roger12 graduated Indiana State University Evansville in 1985. They had Ryker13 Neal Slocum on January 23, 1997 and Rush13 Neal Slocum on June 16, 2000

Captain Joshua6 Slocum, who is known for sailing the Spray around the world alone from April 24, 1895 to June 27, 1898, was not a descendent of Anthony1 . His lineage runs Simon1, John2, John3, Joshua4 U., John5, Captain Joshua6 Slocum. Simon1 came to America in 1701.

For information from 1630 to 1907 the book "History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocombs of America" (Library of Congress Call Number CS71.S634 1908) by Charles Slocum is summarized in this document. From 1907 to 2006 I have used many personal documents. (C) 2007 Roger12 N. Slocum

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